Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

About CG Hunter and the Work That We Do
CG Hunter is a CANADA-headquartered executive search and recruitment company founded in 2005. CG Hunter is a respected executive search firm that has placed senior- and mid-level corporate executives with leading world corporations and institutions. You might have come upon CG Hunter first via the internet, but you should know that CG Hunter is not a dotcom, resume posting service, jobs board or any other type of advertising or marketing services company. CG Hunter is a professional headhunting company whose income derives almost entirely from the placement of its candidates. This firm has absolutely no intention of ever selling or trading any candidate data to any party for any purpose. CG Hunter candidate data are stored in our company computers offline, and this information is not accessible to any party online. CG Hunter candidate information is only shared with particular CG Hunter client companies for specific search assignments, and this information is only shared after the CG Hunter headhunter contacts that candidate and asks for his or her permission to present this data to the specific client(s).

Candidate Opt-out Policy From Any E-Mail Mailings
CG Hunter has never maintained any candidate mailing lists or shared or sold any candidate information, resumes or CV's to any party. CG Hunter has never engaged in bulk mailing solicitations. Every personal message from a recruiter to a person about a job has been personally sent by the recruiter specifically for the purpose stated in that letter, and the name of the recruiter is always stated, along with his or her valid e-mail address. The subject lines of messages from CG Hunter-derived emails are either replies to messages sent to CG Hunter, or they clearly state language related to executive search, referrals, positions with clients, jobs, etc.

The overwhelming origin of CG Hunter's business comes from employers and candidates first contacting CG Hunter. If you have received a message from CG Hunter, it is likely due to one of the following reasons: (1) you are a client of CG Hunter who has contacted CG Hunter to assist your company to find candidates for your company, or (2) you personally had applied to CG Hunter for the purpose of seeking career opportunities. CG Hunter is a headhunting company, and as such, it is also possible that we also might have contacted you initially due to a friend, industry colleague or other source recommending or identifying you as someone who might be very suitable for a specific client career opportunity or as an individual in the industry who might personally be able to recommend qualified people who might be urgently interested in the client opportunity mentioned. Most non-candidates are contacted only that one time for that one search request, unless they themselves choose to become CG Hunter candidates, requesting that we maintain contact regarding future client positions that might be of interest to them. We do our best to only contact people about the kinds of jobs that they personally tell us might interest them.

CG Hunter deeply respects the privacy of all parties whom we work with, and if you do not wish to receive any further messages from CG Hunter to a particular e-mail address, please reply to the party who wrote you, and simply in the subject line, write "REMOVE." (Please note: this request can only remove the single e-mail address sending the request. If you wish other addresses to be removed, you need to send the "REMOVE" message from those addresses.)

The sale or other transfer of an e-mail address obtained through an opt-out request is prohibited by CANADA law, and CG Hunter respected this request even before there were such laws in effect. We are only interested in building careers and good companies for people to grow with. That is our only business model. We hope that we could be of assistance to your career either now or long into the future. Whenever you need us, we hope to be there for your needs.

Resumes or CV's and Applications Sent to This Firm
It is understood that resumes or CV's and applications sent to CG Hunter & Associates Inc., by candidates become the property of CG Hunter & Associates Inc., which is under no requirement to act upon receipt of said documents or to work on behalf of said candidates. It is further understood that candidates who send their applications or resumes or CV's to CG Hunter & Associates Inc. are doing so for the purpose of seeking other employment opportunities in their field and other fields, and that the nature of the hiring process might possibly lead indirectly or directly to the candidate's employer learning that the candidate is considering other opportunities. While under no circumstances would CG Hunter ever directly or knowingly contact a candidate's employer to inform them that one of their employees was seeking other positions through us, CG Hunter cannot control the actions of its clients and the general human nature, which sometimes gossips. Leaks through hiring authorities may occur and potentially word might get back to a candidate's employer. While CG Hunter tries its best to guard against such occurrences, it should be understood that when a candidate begins sending out resumes and applications for other jobs, either to search firms or to companies directly, knowledge that the candidate is seeking to leave a current employer might very possibly get out in one form or another. This is particularly true among competing companies in the same industry, but it can occur in any situation, even across large geographical distances or international frontiers.

It is understood that when a candidate contacts CG Hunter, that at no time is CG Hunter working as that candidate's agent or representative. At no time does CG Hunter ever accept any payment from any candidate for the purpose of acting as that person's agent, and there is never any commitment by CG Hunter to secure a position for any candidate. CG Hunter, like nearly all other executive search firms, is paid by an employer to find candidates suitable for that employer's specific job opening. The details and requirements of that job opening are not limited to the specifications in a job description. In most cases, a written job description may be absent, may be cursory, or its parameters may be changed by the employer at any time during their interviewing, screening and hiring process. Commonly in the middle of an interview process, an employer might either decide that they drastically might want to change their original candidate requirements or the job opening might be erased altogether. CG Hunter cannot bear any responsibility for such changes.

Workplace Privacy
Candidates should be respectful of their employer's policies concerning personal use of company computers, e-mail and other internet systems and policies. Viewing jobs sites and websites of executive search firms on the internet might not be considered acceptable company policies at your current employer.

CG Hunter & Associates Inc. can bear no responsibility for any unforeseen or other incidents that might ensue. Some employers might consider personal use of their computers and e-mail as grounds for dismissal.

It is possible that in initially contacting headhunted candidates who had not previously contacted CG Hunter and registered with CG Hunter, the CG Hunter recruiter might have made contact with that person by telephoning the person at his or her workplace, or that the recruiter might have contacted the person by sending a letter to the person's business e-mail address. When making such presentations by phone and especially by e-mail, the CG Hunter recruiter makes it clear that the person was recommended to CG Hunter, and not that the person had any prior contact with CG Hunter for the purpose of searching for a new job. By such a presentation, the person can never be said to have had his or her company loyalty compromised or status compromised by a CG Hunter solicitation.

If you are concerned about your own e-mail security and privacy at your place of work, use a private e-mail account to contact headhunters. CG Hunter will assume that if it is sent e-mail from a particular address it is safe for CG Hunter to reply to that e-mail address, unless you state otherwise. If CG Hunter contacts you, initial contact may be by e-mail, telephone or by surface mail. Responses tend to be fairly quick if it appears to us that a candidate's background may match our client companies' needs. Please make it clear on your resume or message what phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other addresses are safe for us or any of our client-companies to reply to and which are not. It is preferable that such contact information be mentioned in the body of the message, even if it also appears in a resume.

Candidate Responsibility to CG Hunter
It is presumed that all information provided CG Hunter by the candidate about work history, education, career interests, goals, requirements, etc., have been presented by the candidate accurately and completely. It should be expected that any and all information provided to CG Hunter might potentially be discussed with the CG Hunter client company that the candidate has given permission to be presented to.

Candidates who present their resume, CV or other statements about their work history, educational credentials, work permits, etc., should assume that any and all claims might be questioned or investigated by an employer or other parties utilized by the employer. It is therefore highly recommended that candidates avoid the practices of misstating dates of employment, of embellishing their achievements, of stating deceptively valid sounding educational degrees sold by non-accredited companies, etc. It is possible that either false statements or deceptive statements of this nature could cause an employer to either not interview or even to terminate an employee who was found to have made false statements prior to being offered a position.

It is not CG HunterÕs responsibility to verify or validate a candidate's work history, employment details or other information that a candidate provides to us. But candidates should understand that if CG Hunter does discover falsification or embellishment by a candidate, that such a person might be asked for clarification or explanations by the CG Hunter recruiter, and if the candidate's response is unsatisfactory, the candidate might never be presented to a CG Hunter client for any position.


General Advisory to Candidates
CG Hunter & Associates Inc. tries to the best of its ability to only accept job searches from firms that it believes offer good career opportunities to our candidates. (Approximately 50% of all employer search requests made to CG Hunter are rejected by CG Hunter.)

The issue of "what is good for one person" might vary greatly from person to person or situation to situation. In matching candidates to client-companies, CG Hunter recruiters seek to balance information provided by candidates in their applications and resumes or CV's with information provided by client-companies. Sometimes, however, candidate-supplied or company-supplied information might be incomplete, insufficient, incorrect or just "wishful thinking." Or in the event of sudden economic changes or downturns, yesterday's "hopeful expectations" might be suddenly turned into "today's shock." In the case of prospective employers, issues regarding company sales volume, company finances, company prospects, and issues regarding the management style of company officers and their business plan, among other important matters related to the candidate's career, must be evaluated by the candidate himself or herself prior to taking an offer of employment . CG Hunter is unable to investigate these matters or their validity on behalf of the candidate at any time, although if requested by the candidate, we may assist in requesting such data from the client-company for the review of the candidate.

During an interview process, certain details about a candidate or client-company might surface, which could suggest that either the candidate might not be suitable for the company or that the company might not be suitable for the candidate. In such an event, CG Hunter reserves the right to advise either party or both parties of what this firm might see as a potential mismatch.

CG Hunter & Associates Inc., its members, managers or employees, bear no liability to either candidate or client-company for CG Hunter”s not knowing or not being informed of certain relevant or critical facts which, if known, might have suggested the match would not have been an appropriate one. It is therefore the full responsibility of the candidate to learn as much as he or she can about the prospective employer, and it is the full responsibility of the client-company to learn as much as it can about the prospective employee, prior to a job offer, resignation and commencement of employment, but in offering and accepting an offer of employment, both the employer and employee mutually accept full responsibility for any and all risks and repercussions that might follow from their choices.

Non-discriminatory Hiring Practices
CG Hunter & Associates Inc. is a CANADA based firm that is in full compliance with CANADA federal, provincial and local laws concerning equal opportunity employment and non-discriminatory hiring practices. CG Hunter believes that it exceeds these existing laws and regulations, and it does so because it believes that any form of hiring discrimination based on race, color, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, sexual preference or other subjective and nonessential criteria to a candidate screening is either illegal, immoral, unethical, or just simply bad business. CG Hunter bases its searches solely on the specific non discriminatory job qualifications of its clients' openings and upon our understanding of our candidates' experiences and their abilities to perform those qualifications.

CG Hunter will not accept any search assignment in the CANADA in violation of CANADA law and/ or our higher standards, and it will not accept search assignments outside the CANADA having job descriptions that are expressed in non-essentially limiting or discriminatory language. Being a CANADA based recruitment firm, we are in full compliance with CANADA laws related to employment non-discrimination. We do not ask for, nor do we take into account when considering candidates, any personal information that is irrelevant to job performance. We therefore do not ask or take into account a candidate's gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, etc. If a company requires such information as a part of candidate screening, we cannot accept a search with that company. Even if employment laws in that country differ from CANADA laws, CG Hunter proudly follows the same global non-discrimination policy when recruiting for candidates in all countries, for all positions.

Links to the CG Hunter Website, Links From the CG Hunter Website, Illegal Name Theft Practices
CG Hunter & Associates Inc. does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, validity, or claims by companies or parties whose websites might link to the CG Hunter website, or that might be linked from the CG Hunter site. CG Hunter does not receive any income from any website or company for providing web CG Hunter traffic to them, and CG Hunter does not pay any other company for listing the website in their directory or by providing a link to the CG Hunter website. In some cases, CG Hunter has voluntarily registered its website with several reputable search engines or directories, but today, there are hundreds of links to the CG Hunter website that have been made unilaterally by various companies and websites without the permission or knowledge of CG Hunter. It is not the responsibility of CG Hunter to seek out these links or to investigate the validity of the companies or websites that might happen to have put a link to CG Hunter on their website.

No website that lists a link to the CG Hunter website is in any partnership or business relationship of any kind with CG Hunter & Associates Inc., and absolutely does not authorize any such linker to specifically suggest that CG Hunter promotes or validates their products, services or claims. Disreputable or misleading firms or individuals who misuse CG Hunter’s good name and reputation in any way shall cause and bring criminal or civil action against them in the jurisdiction(s) of our choosing. Any such activities, including but not limited to email address spoofing, shall be fully prosecuted.

Copyright Enforcement and Website Content
CG Hunter & Associates Inc., an executive search firm with global reach, with contacts, clients and candidates throughout the world, will vigorously enforce its worldwide copyrighted material from any form of piracy. All information contained in this website is copyrighted by CG Hunter & Associates Inc.

CG Hunter & Associates Inc. reserves all rights, and its viewing is expressly for the benefit of job seekers (candidates) and employers (clients) only. Any unauthorized use, reproduction or retransmission of any CG Hunter web page or image would be in violation of our copyright and we would promptly seek enforcement of such an illegal violation, with punishment to the highest allowable extent of the law in the jurisdiction in which we seek to prosecute.

CG Hunter does not bear any responsibility for the content or information in this website being up to date. Job listings appearing on this website are intended for informational use only, not as representations of currently available job listings. Rather, they are intended to show some sample job searches that CG Hunter has been asked to work on. Some listings have been filled, some may be "on hold" by the employer following their initial contacting CG Hunter. Some confidential job listings with CG Hunter are not posted online, primarily at the request of the client company.




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